Sample Applications

Service Details | Wearable Technology Designing

Robots and Drones

  • Autonomous drone delivery system for small packages.
  • Flight Controller PCB design for Drones
  • Robotic arm with computer vision for pick-and-place tasks.
  • Custom control system firmware development
  • Indoor navigation robot for assisting in warehouses or hospitals.
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Automotive Technology

Service Details | App Development Services
  • Acceleration and Shock monitoring system with Live dashboard.
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and Battery Management System.
  • Real-time monitoring and diagnostics system for vehicle health assessment.
  • Road Condition Monitoring System mounted on vehicles.
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication system for enhanced road safety.

Healthcare and Fitness

  • Wearable fitness tracker with biometric measurements and activity monitoring.
  • Fitness Tracker for Velocity Based Training.
  • Remote patient monitoring system for continuous health tracking and vital sign analysis.
  • IoT-based health monitoring system for eldercare and assisted living.
  • Smart home healthcare solutions for personalized patient care.
Service Details | Embedded Systems Development


Service Details | PCB Design Services
  • Precision farming solutions for optimized crop management and irrigation.
  • Automated greenhouse control system for climate and environmental monitoring.
  • IoT-based livestock monitoring for health and welfare assessment.
  • Soil nutrient sensing and analysis system for efficient fertilizer management.
  • Remote irrigation control and water resource management.
  • Farm management software for data-driven decision-making.


  • Vehicle tracking and fleet management system for efficient logistics.
  • Real-time package tracking and delivery management system.
  • Predictive maintenance system for fleet vehicles and equipment.
  • Inventory management and optimization software for supply chain efficiency.
  • Route optimization algorithms for last-mile delivery.
  • IoT-based cold chain monitoring for temperature-sensitive shipments.
  • RFID-based asset tracking system for efficient inventory management.
  • Data analytics platform for demand forecasting and inventory planning.
Service Details | Embedded Software Development Services

Industrial Technology

Industrial Tech | Building Automation Solutions
  • Industrial IoT solutions for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Automated quality control and inspection systems.
  • Energy management and optimization systems for industrial facilities.
  • Industrial data analytics platforms for process optimization and efficiency improvement.
  • Condition monitoring systems for proactive equipment maintenance.
  • Smart sensors and actuators for industrial control and automation.


  • Construction site monitoring system for safety and security.
  • Building automation solutions for energy efficiency and comfort.
  • IoT-based construction equipment tracking and utilization optimization.
  • Structural health monitoring systems for real-time assessment of building integrity.
  • Virtual reality (VR) modeling and simulation for architectural design and visualization.
  • Smart lighting and environmental control systems for sustainable buildings.
Service Details | Embedded Engineering Services

STEM Education

STEM Education | Firmware Development Service
  • Interactive educational robots for hands-on learning in schools.
  • STEM-focused coding and programming platforms for students.
  • Science experiment kits with embedded sensors and data analysis capabilities.
  • Virtual laboratories and simulations for physics, chemistry, and biology experiments.
  • Educational mobile applications for STEM concepts and learning activities.
  • IoT-based environmental monitoring kits for students to learn about climate and ecosystems.

Audio and Entertainment

  • Musical instrument interfaces and MIDI controllers.
  • Sound synthesis and digital audio effects processors.
  • Audio amplifiers and home theater systems.
  • Audio recognition and recommendation algorithms for personalized entertainment experiences.
Audio and Entertainment | Hardware Design Services